About us

John Buck and Emily Louise is a proudly South African brand which manufactures shoes, bags and accessories in Durban KZN and was established in 2013. Our first store in Tweedie opened in May 2018 and the second in July 2019 at Piggly Wiggly situated in the Midlands KZN. We also trade at the Shongweni Framers Market twice a month.

The John Buck and Emily Louise brand logos are inspired by our beautiful continent, its’ landscapes and its’ people.There is only one form in nature that takes shape in a heart and only here in Africa do we see this shape running through the hills, vast landscapes, rivers and veld. The heart of Africa in the shape of a young Springboks horns, the heart of our nation and the heart of our brand. 

The balance between first and third-world elements of the handwork of all our items, shines through our unique product range & we thrive on quality, comfort and style.  Each stitch is hand crafted by skilled artisans to ensure lasting elegance and signature comfort in every creation and still providing excellent value. Proving that quality is timeless. 

Techniques that have been passed down the generations have survived the test of time. At John Buck and Emily Louise we use only the finest, humanely obtained materials and classic techniques to bring you our finished line of footwear and accessories. 

 Exceptional is our only standard!